Team Development

A hallmark of high-performing teams is the ability of a strong set of players to work together to achieve a shared goal. Effective teams take the time to calibrate how they are performing by periodically stepping back to reflect. They ask, “How are we doing? Are people getting supported? What do we need to prioritize?” 

WISE Teams

This model helps teams focus and perform at their best. Through a faciliatated session based on the the team’s survey results, we:

  • Guide your team in reflecting on how they are performing together.

  • Discuss current strengths and weaknesses with implications for team goals.

  • Identify patterns of behaviors that help (and hinder) the team.

  • Provide a comfortable forum for candid discussion and development.

Engagement and Culture Consulting

We assess teams and business units to build a culture of strong leadership, high engagement, and accountability.  

  • Customize and administer surveys.

  • Identify specific improvement opportunities and strengths on whcih to capitalize.

  • Analyze data to see what best predict outcomes like engagement and retention.

  • Deliver executive summaries with practical insights and action ideas.